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Is located in Bekasi, Jawa Barat – Indonesia.
It’s a small suburban city near Jakarta.

We started our business in the field of live ornamental fish about 12 years ago.
It has been started from the hobby to breed fish since our childhood until it develops into business.
In the beginning we bred easy fish such as platy, betta etc.

In the time of economic crises which hit Indonesia in the year of 1998, we took courage to open fishery business.
This business was started from enlargement, then it spreads to the fish breeding of discus, black gosh, polyperus endhiceri etc.

Nowadays we have succeeded in breeding Garra Rufa fish, and we are also learning how to breed Garra Flavatra fish.

At this time we regularly supply fish according to the demand in the market.
At present we are also in cooperation with one of our best friends in developing fresh water aquatic plant.
In the land of 3 ha we cultivate various sea plants.
In fact it is just a small part of the land which we utilize in order to keep the quality of the aquatic plant well maintained.
Actually we plan to develop the land for live ornamental fish and fresh water aquatic plant in the future.

The produce of the land is acknowledged to be good by several of our exporter partners with their routine demand for customers.

We intentionally develop our business for export because we see that the export market opportunity is still wide open.

With the experience which we have acquired for dozens of years in the fish breeding and marketing which we control in local market we may provide live ornamental fish and aquatic plants of fine quality in accordance with international standard that may become a benchmark for buyers from abroad.
The fish and plants which we supply have been tightly sorted in accordance with the quality which is required by buyers.

With packing system which is of a little difference from other exporter partners make us confident that the fish and plant which we deliver may be well accepted by buyers.

It is of our great hope that we may establish partnership with business friends from other countries.
We have hundreds of aquarium and tanks to cover all our fish stocks .
We also have many other facilities to support us in doing our business.

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