Packaging :

We use different packing system from another, this system we get from our discussion with a friend in America and we have tried in our last shipment with very satisfactory results, where the DOA can be reached almost 0%.

All Fishes are packing with double plastic bags and placed in Styrofoam Box.

Box dimension : 50x36x40cm Minimum order : 5 boxes, weight around 14 – 16  kgs/box.

Delivery :

Minimum 7 ( seven ) days work, after we receive full payment  according to the proforma invoice.

It is required to allow time for  make quarantine, checking the health of fish, conditioning the fish for export, and various export documentation.

Customer must specify what documents are required.

Delivery is also to airlines approval of shipping space.

Guarantee & Claim :

We guarantee our fish to be healthy and good condition.

Any mortality happened

on the way less than 5% must be accepted by consignee. Complain is only received within 24 hours after shipment arrival along with photo documentation.

Important Document :

Normally we will provide these important documents with the shipment : Invoice, Packing List, AirwayBill, Health Certificate.

Documents are faxed at least 24 hours before shipment arrives in your country.

Please apply the following information before you make an order : Buyers name and full address, consignees telephone, fax number, email and name of airport destination.

Price :

All Prices are quoted in USD ( US Dollar ).

All prices are indicative, as prices of some fishes are seasonal.

Price can be changed anytime without prior notice, firm prices upon request and subject to validity period specified.

Complete Terms & conditions will be submitted upon request